From Forward Magazine:

"The combination of art and commentary gives the reader an unprecedented glimpse into the complex and intense world of the developing autistic mind... [T]he writer does much to inspire advocacy for this poorly understood brain disorder. Anyone fascinated by child development, brain science, or outsider art should appreciate this brave mother–daughter collaboration." ForeWord Magazine review, September/October 2008

Topics Kim and I can discuss



  • 1. Problem solving Strategies
  • 2. Advocacy between student/teacher/parent
  • 3. How to build support for a student with Autism
  • 4.Constructing a communication system/schedule
  • 5. Strategies for changing an unwanted behavior
  • 6. Modification and Adaptations in the classroom
  • 7. How environment at home does matter
  • 8. The importance of keeping a journal
  • 9. How to educate the public about the disability
  • 10. The importance of art as an outlet: of emotion, of communication and can be used as a tool to determine development
  • 11. Stabilizing home life
  • 12. Development of a “Pain Scale” to help in determining what type of sensation that an autistic individual is experiencing.
  • 13.How to show your love to a child who does not want to be touched
  • 14. The need for families to have Respite



  • 1. About how the act of creating art can be a learning/growing process
  • 2. Education
  • -Struggles
  • -Successes
  • 3. Challenges in maintaining well balanced diet
  • 4. Effects of stress and how to reduce those effects
  • 5. Living with hypersensitive hearing
  • 6. Being overwhelmed in a stimulating world